Supporting Student Success (SSSG)

The Supporting Student Success Guide describes how the school environment reflects a commitment to academic success for all students. The guide is a tool to help administrators and teachers think about how their school environment can change to ensure that every student has the opportunity and support to succeed.

This tool is part of a suite of three tools, Science Classroom Observation Guide, Supporting Student Success Guide, and Professional Learning Community Observation Guide, designed to promote reflective discussions of institutional and instructional practices which will lead to continuous improvements in student learning.

A. Introduction to the Supporting Student Success Guide

Description: The Supporting Student Success Guide(SSSG) describes how a school environment reflects a commitment to academic success for all students. The Guide is designed to help administrators and teachers use a research-based framework for school-wide improvements which will ensure this success. Resources in this section include the Guide, a PowerPoint presentation designed to introduce the Guide in the context of effective schools, a survey school personnel can take to rate their school environment, and an overview explaining the purpose and uses of the Guide.

B. Making the Case for Supporting Student Success

Description: The resources in this section include a PowerPoint presentation showing examples of schools where student success is driven by attention to individual needs. The presentation challenges assumptions about what limits student success and provides guidance for improvements based on characteristics of successful schools. Four studies cited in the presentation, and instrumental in the development of the Supporting Student Success Guide, are included in this section.

Preparation Time: 2 hours

Presentation Time: 2 hours